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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Usability Researcher, GrubHub (NY)

Usability Researcher, GrubHub – NY

GrubHub is seeking a Usability Researcher. This position is based in New York, NY.

The GrubHub Inc. User Experience team is a curated group of talented, fun loving people who are passionate about making great products. Our work directly influences product strategy and is used by multiple teams within the organization.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic candidate to take our usability practice to the next level. This candidate will design and conduct usability tests frequently and efficiently. They will be responsible for working alongside product and technology teams, designing test plans, recruiting users, moderating tests, synthesizing results, and figuring out how to 
share all the stuff they’re learning.

Some Examples of What You’ll Work On:

·    Test new OrderHub (GrubHub’s restaurant tablet) features out in the wild with restaurant employees
·    Find a way to recruit diners routinely
·    Implement cutting-edge technologies in our lab to improve the output of usability tests

Necessary Experience & Skills:

·Advanced degree(s) preferred in design, HCI or related field
·1+ years experience conducting usability studies in a professional environment
·Document and publicize user research findings in an ongoing manner, so the team knows what’s going on
·Understand the software development processes and timelines in order to plan usability testing
·Experienced with the following methods and tools: Traditional, Discount and Remote Usability Testing, Card Sorting Exercises, Field Studies and Contextual Inquiry, User Observation and Interviews, Diary Studies, Human Factors, Survey Design, Affinity Diagramming, Persona Development, Mental Models

***Please include a cover letter when applying for this position.

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