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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

(Temp) Sr Web Content Analyst, Delta Corp Svcs (NJ)

(Temp) Sr. Web Content Analyst, Delta Corporate Svcs. – NJ

Delta Corporate Services is seeking a Sr. Web Content Analyst to manage Intranet content for their client, an international professional services firm. This temporary position is located in Montvale, NJ.

You will work with their business team, load/tag content, and set up web parts for the Intranet Portal.  

•5-10 years working knowledge of content management, information architecture, portal, search and collaboration tools and best practices – preferably using the Sharepoint platform
•Solid understanding of intranet/web development tools and technology especially SharePoint.
•Demonstrated knowledge in establishing content management processes for Intranets
•Strong communication, negotiation, interpersonal skills and management skills
•Work with business teams to load/tag content, set up web parts and organize a project plan around it.

•Work with intranet portal content integration.
•Coordinate relationships and activities with content owners, application managers and their teams to ensure priority content and applications are properly integrated into the Portal both in the information architecture and through search.
•Identify custom development requirements and identify development needs and dependencies.   
•Work with Project Manager to ensure content owners are clear on their roles, deliverables and timelines.  
•Implement standards, processes and templates for the portal space to ensure the appropriate support mechanisms exist for content owners and end users of the tools. 
•Examples include content integration guidelines and content quality checklists.
•Provide training to the content publishers so they can properly and efficiently create pages, manage content, and manage access to their sites regarding content standards and guidelines.

Additional information:

The goal of the US Portal Integration role is to work with content owners to implement the vision of the portals and the underlying content areas and functionality. This role will ensure a Firm Intranet which drives our end users to the information they need quickly, efficiently and effectively to answer their questions and perform their tasks. For our content owners their content must be intuitively organized and presented and they must be able to easily manage and present their content to our partners and staff.

This role must have experience in and a strong understanding of Intranet best practices and industry standards as well as experience in Information Architecture.

This role works with Content and application owners, usually at the Senior Associate and Manager level, as well as their teams to create new SharePoint sites and integrate their content into the portals utilizing and adhering to portal technical, meta data and front end design standards.

You must have a strong understanding of the SharePoint portal technology combined with strong communication skills to be able to explain to content owners how their content and information will be presented within the Portal and how to manage their content and sites within the SharePoint portal.

This role prioritizes projects according to firm strategy and direction from US Portal and US Knowledge Services Leadership as well as the Global Knowledge Services organization. 

Hence, you must have a solid understanding of the business and the firm’s priorities. The successful candidate must also have a thorough understanding of the firm’s related portal technologies including Net Insights, Interwoven, wireframe/mock up technologies and any additional tools used to support the business.

This role is responsible for ensuring that development activities are consistent and leveraged appropriately across the US and Global Portal and site specific development is limited. At the same time this role is also responsible for identifying where requirements can and need to be met with light configuration performed by the US Portal team and the content owner(s) vs where development activities are necessitated.

This role will also liaise with US Portal Technology Manager and offshore to coordinate project priorities, implementation tasks and ensure projects are executed within scope, consistent and standards compliant (both technically and visually) and completed within business deadlines.

This role will work closely with other team members on activities including:

• Working with the Content Integration lead, US Portal Program/Project Manager and US Portal business owner to determine site integration priorities and plan both in the information architecture and through search.
• Working with US Portal Design and Usability manager to ensure sites conform to on line brand, and create wireframes and mock ups of new sites.
 • Helps drive adoption and content management strategy within the business to align business and content development strategy
• Supports change management to promote online tools and content within the platform

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