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Monday, April 16, 2012

F/T - Dir of Library and Info Svcs - Grace Church School

Director of Library and Information Services, Grace Church School-high school division
    Supervise Library/Information Center
    Oversee print and digital collections
    Oversee research resources
    Coordinate with faculty
    Create vibrant learning culture within the Center
Grace Church School’s mission of academic excellence, ethical values and service, and inclusive community anchors our program and informs our pedagogy and curriculum, preparing our students to lead meaningful and productive lives.  The school nurtures and educates the whole child, understanding that our humanity comprises mind, body, heart, and spirit.  We celebrate our differences, respect our diversity, and embrace our shared human experience.
In the new high school division, students will be challenged to reach their full potential, dream big dreams, ask essential questions, and wrestle with complex ideas, working to solve real-world problems and participate in the interconnected global community.  Our students will see themselves as living actors in history and agents for positive change in the world. By linking academic learning and real-world learning, our students understand the dynamic possibilities of using their knowledge and skills to ask new questions and create new knowledge.
As the foundation for our students’ growth and development, the school affirms the enduring value and abiding influence of our historical and cultural past, as it informs the present world in which we live.  A blend of tradition and innovation, our high school program grounds students in the core academic disciplines and prepares them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
Grace Church School is an equal opportunity employer.
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