Part-time, Freelance Digital Librarian Needed

Knowledge in the Public Interest (KPI) designs online conversations that are reshaping education. And we believe that digital librarians are best practice for our conversations and communities.  We are looking for a part-time digital librarian who can build on our established best practices, contribute to and improve the development of our proprietary software, and help to ensure that our clients have a smart experience. 

Work is largely based from home (or the location of your choice) and, with the exception of planned online events and meetings, you can set your own hours. Our estimate is 15-20 hours/week to get the job done, though there is flexibility with that estimate. Responsibilities include: keeping up-to-date on issues that related to KPI interests and those of our clients (heavy reading in various education issues); bookmarking interest-worthy websites, reports, etc. in our existing Diigo-based digital library; working with clients to build a small, well-focused resource collection, generally in conjunction with a particular online event; coordinating resource-collection in real-time during online events; occasional research and bibliographic work with KPI's principles; advising on library-related issues, from tagging to copyright. 

Required skills: 
- motivated, self-starter who is able to initiate projects and work collaboratively with little daily oversight
- great research skills, particularly with free resources available on the Internet (what are the best sources that you can find without using proprietary databases?)
- organizational skills; comfort with bookmarking and tagging within an existing system, but also building systems of your own, as needed
- technically savvy: we are in the process of developing proprietary software. As well, we occasionally review and/or advise clients or participants in new software tools of relevance to their interests. You must be familiar with WordPress and/or some basic HTML. Other Web 2.0 technologies also helpful. 

Other skills that we'd like to see: 
- work experience; this is not an ideal first job. If you've had work that relates to education or technology or both, even better
- project management skills are very helpful
- ability to organize and quickly train other librarians: we foresee events that might require several librarians covering a single event. You would need to maintain a small pool of willing participants and make sure that they were trained and their work up to speed. 
- enthusiasm, excitement and curiosity about the intersection of education, technology and libraries
- great people skills 

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to Dr. Diana Woolis at