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Friday, August 30, 2013

F/T - Content Acquisition Spec't, Reuters (NY)

Content Acquisition Specialist, Reuters Knowledge – NY

Thomson Reuters is hiring a Content Acquisition Specialist to manage and facilitate the implementation of plans to proactively acquire information necessary for product initiatives and future ventures
Legal / Content Acquisition / Content Acquisition Specialist
Key Responsibilities
  • Executes the acquisition strategy for core and high-value content.
  • Determines or assist in determining acquisition priorities, timelines, methods of acquisition, composition of the team, and budget/resource allocation.
  • Communicates and negotiates with government sources regarding a wide range of data issues, including: securing website rights and access, troubleshooting errant data or technical anomalies, communicating company’s policies, and making tactful inquiries to resolve issues.
  • Helps to ensure company initiatives/major projects/core revenues are successful by rapidly adding and maintaining data through:
    • Leveraging and managing current acquisition relationships.
    • Establishing/building relationships with non-traditional data providers.
  • Maintains relations with state and federal government to help maintain core products.
  • Helps lead teams that arrange and implement processes to acquire data.
  • Assists in identifying and driving acquisition costs/process efficiencies.
  • Assists in the development of performance and production metrics.
  • Works with numerous groups across the organization, including: Strategy & Business Development, Primary Law Development, Cases & 3rd party Content, Codes Content, Strategic Marketing and NPD.
  • Helps manage the acquisition costs with an ongoing responsibility to develop efficiencies.
  • Drives acquisition efforts to meet planned revenue targets.
    • Manage the teams responsible for reporting databases and acquisition software necessary for acquisition initiatives. 
    • Responsible for project management and the performance of the team responsible for capturing the data. 
    • Recommends and negotiates costs of data with individual data source, ranging from minimal administrative fees to approximately $10,000 annually.
    Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge and Skills
    • MA degree with 1-2 yrs of progressive experience in publishing or government OR
    • BA degree with 5-7 yrs of progressive experience in publishing or government OR
    • Experience developing and fostering relationships with internal and external partners.
    • Experience negotiating agreements with outside parties.
    • Excellent people and team management skills.
    • Demonstrated negotiation skills.
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
      • Ability to discuss and present complex information.
    • Demonstrated ability to respond to deadline pressures.
    • Knowledge of government entities and general business knowledge.
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