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Friday, June 22, 2012

F/T - Conflict of Interest Specialist - Law Firm (NY)

Prominent NYC Law Firm
Conflict-of-interest Specialist

Performs accurate and methodical searches in the Firm's Conflict Of Interest
System relevant to new business, investment or hiring.  Reports accurate
written results to requesting attorneys or legal assistants. Performs
conflicts checks in off-hours from a remote location, on a rotational basis.
Assists in maintaining and updating the System.  Maintains detailed record
of requests. Maintains organization of the Conflicts Department. Performs
other related duties as assigned.

Attention to detail, accuracy in record keeping, strong communication

skills, and expertise in computer searching. Knowledge of U.S. and foreign
company names and histories. Requires teamwork and good interpersonal
skills.  Ability to read, interpret and follow instructions.  Ability to
deal courteously/effectively with others. Ability to use computer database
systems to find company information.  Ability to delegate work effectively.
Ability to exert moderate to high physical effort. Flexibility to adjust
hours to meet operating needs.

-- Minimum of two years related experience

-- Wall Street, business or financial research experience a plus

-- Knowledge of Legal Key a plus

Please contact

Angela Dzikowski
Pro Libra Associates
800-262-0070 <>