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Friday, May 4, 2012

F/T - Digital Librarian/Manager - Cigna (Hartford,CT)

Digital Librarian,Manager

Job Description
The viable candidate should be skilled on the concept of concise writing and an ability to make information easy to locate.

Strong organizational skills in electronic records management, document classification and overall organization are required to bring a repeatable logical schematic to the business.
The ability to manage and improve knowledge through benchmarking our Cigna knowledge to the library industry/methods/processes, and improving overall knowledge sharing methods.

Demonstrated ability to share best practices and standards in content maintenance including the storing, archiving, and taxonomical layout is also a requirement.

Ability to teach and transfer assistance to other staff around the science of records management and maintenance.

Skills around how knowledge can/should be queried, tracked and trended to understand more about the users of knowledge.

Knowledge Management:
Employs management techniques effectively in directing, planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating, budgeting, and evaluating the knowledge library's operation. Ability to collect, synthesize and organize knowledge that makes it traceable, reusable and understandable across organizations.
Understanding overall performance of knowledge library - how often it is being used, by whom, user feedback, knowledge organization and classification. Looking for opportunities to streamline, improve, and align knowledge organizational practices to improve use, adoption and user satisfaction that can be shared with the larger Knowledge Community.
Works towards a common KM strategy for storage and maintenance.

Knowledge Organization Actual hands-on work with cataloging practices and processes including:
- Creating (and performing) consistency in how knowledge is tagged/number
- Creating consistent knowledge tags (categories, category choices, category definitions) that support evolving and demanding needs

Record Retention:
- Ensuring record retention standards are developed within Operating Effectiveness and utilized to ensure that the Corporate Record Retention Policy is maintained throughout the Knowledge Library
- Assisting Legal with record searches for valid legal reason (e.g., subpoenas, legal actions, etc.)
- Developing techniques to ensure that key knowledge records are retained and converted as appropriate from older or obsolete media storage methods (e.g. floppy disks, microfilm, etc.)

Continuous Development:
Collecting and sharing best practices to help users and knowledge authors continue to better catalog, link, classify and search for knowledge artifacts. Makes efficiency and librarian improvement suggestions that continuously streamline knowledge and knowledge management
Using all known tools (Renaissance, Clinical Policy Website, iComply, Corporate Policy Website, Dental Shared Drives, CBH Shared Drives, etc.) to ensure that proper linkages and sharing occur when/as necessary

Communications and Capacity:
Partnering with matrix ,business customers, and other Knowledge and Library organizations to support needs relative to knowledge cataloging, organizing, searching and linking.

What results or outcomes are expected to be accomplished by the position, and how are these accomplished?
- Improve Knowledge Organization - Increase utilization through ease of location. Improve knowledge adherence through better knowledge linkage and organization. - Reduce duplication, align knowledge presentation and organize knowledge so that it is easy to find and understand in the knowledge library.
- Knowledge Management Best Practices and Policies ; Sharing of best practices and tips that streamline knowledge classification, enhance knowledge searches, archiving/record retention, and enable full knowledge distribution/understanding across tools and business units.

What types of decisions is the position responsible for making?
- Knowledge cataloging practices and processes
- Development of a librarian process that will ensure knowledge can be retrieved, shared and archived in critical decisions/direction
- Driving improvements -Leading the execution of improvements around knowledge organization, presentation and knowledge storage working close with our other library organizations..

Required: Master of Library Science, MIS degrees or equivalent experience in this field .
Skills and Abilities:
Demonstrated leadership experience; the ability to drive and influence change
As digital librarians, they should possess a very good interpersonal skills and strong communication skills both in oral and in written form.
They should enjoy researching and reading as well as manifest a good organizational skill.
A helping and teaching attitude

- Certified Records Manager
- Electronic Records Management Practitioner certificate

Competency Areas of focus:
  • Communicating 
  • Professional Savoy 
  • Organizational Agility 
  • Listening & Informing 
  • Personal & Interpersonal Skills 
  • Interpersonal Savoy 
  • Approachability 
  • Managing Diversity 
  • Managing Others 
  • Building Effective Teams 
  • Developing Direct Reports & Others 
  • Managing and Measuring Work 
  • Delivering Results 
  • Priority Setting 
  • Business Acumen 
  • Drive for Results 
  • Time Management 
  • Total Works Systems 
  • Dealing with Ambiguity 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Learning on the Fly 
  • Creativity.

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