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Sunday, May 16, 2010

F/T - Library Media Coordinator - Public School/Explore Schools

Library and Media Coordinator
Explore Schools was founded on the belief that every child in our country has the right to an outstanding
public education; one that will enable them to pursue, and actualize their dreams. While we believe
every member of our network plays a critical role in achieving this goal, as a teacher you have the ability
to directly transform the lives of students. Teaching at Explore Schools provides opportunities that few
other schools can offer through our fierce belief in continuous improvement coupled with an approach
to talent management that allows for on-going professional development and opportunities for
promotion to leadership.
Our teachers drive the innovation that makes our success possible, and embody the spirit of dedication
and leadership that enable our students to achieve.
Explore Charter School is currently looking for a Library and Media Coordinator.
Job Responsibilities
Selection and Acquisition of Resources
Confers with sales representatives to purchase print and non print materials within the constraints
of the annual budget.
Consults with staff and students in evaluating, selecting and acquiring library resources and
Develops a collection that supports the curriculum.
Management Skills - Environment
Prepares bibliographies and lists of resources.
Coordinates promotional media center activities (e.g. book fairs, library clubs, exhibits, read-ins).
Maintains a professional materials collection, including periodicals and publishers' catalogs.
Organizes library material, equipment, and facilities for efficient utilization and circulation.
Maintains appropriate records of library materials.
Maintains the library catalog.
Establishes behavioral standards and library circulation policies for students in the Library Media
Collaborates with local library to develop programs, share resources and build community

Teaching Skills
Coordinates a variety of services including; class visits, individual and small group instruction.
Instructs, evaluates and plans lessons according to student and school-wide curricular needs.
Creates a research and library skills program relating to the needs of the student.
Actively plans with teachers to integrate library services and multimedia materials, appropriate
reference work and/or literature appreciation activities for their students.
Helps students develop habits of independent reference work and skills in relation to planned
Assessment of Program
Does a periodic inventory of the library collection as well as library AV equipment and computers.
Supervises the withdrawal of outdated and worn out materials.
Helps staff make full use of the services and resources of the LMC.
Technology Coordination
Serves as the school point person for technology needs
Creates and manages a system for technology requests and equipment
Liaises with the ESI technology person and vendor to ensure that the school’s technology needs are
Supervises the Technology Program Associate
Conducts staff orientation to library’s instructional technology services and provides
library/technology in-service training sessions for staff.
Creates and revises a K-8 technology scope and sequence.
Provide tutoring to small student groups as required.
Act as grade level dean, as required
Explore Schools’ teachers expect excellence in their students and themselves. Applicants must possess a
track record of success, hard work, flexibility, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish
their goals. They are able to successfully and efficiently collaborate with other teachers and leaders. All
applicants must have an unwavering commitment to the Explore School’s mission and core values.
Prior full-time teaching experience strongly preferred.

To apply, please visit our website at and click on the Careers Tab.