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Sunday, August 16, 2009

F/T -Senior Librarian- Correctional Library Services - NYPL

Librarian/ Senior Librarian- Correctional Library Services

General Description:

Under the general supervision of the Immigrant Services Specialist and Outreach Services Coordinator:

Focuses work on the incarcerated population
Prepares and administers two grants from the NY State Department of Education, one to provide general library services to NY City correctional facilities, and the other to supplement library services to NY State correctional facilities
* Negotiates the establishment of general libraries in jails
Operates ongoing library services, selects and purchases library materials and provides reference services
Negotiates with the State prisons the spending of grant-allocated funding, selects and purchases library materials, and contracts for a variety of pre-release workshops to visit the prisons
Responsible for editing, updating, and distributing information materials
Answers requests for information by mail, telephone, and e-mail
Participates in staff development workshops and may bring participants to jails for visits
Arranges for staff members to conduct programs at jails
Trains and supervises staff and volunteers
Performs related duties as required

Eligibility Requirements:

ALA-accredited Masters Degree in Library and Information Studies
* At least 18 months of successfully demonstrated experience as a Senior Librarian in a public library or similar institution
* Demonstrated leadership skills
* Excellent project management skills
* Excellent oral and written communication skills
* Experience with computer services including on-line searching and Library databases
* Must have strong commitment to diversity
* Demonstrated flexibility and adaptability
* Demonstrated creativity
* Familiarity with African-American and Hispanic cultures preferred.
* Working knowledge of Spanish preferred
* Ability to travel to correctional facilities monthly/weekly
* Ability to work well under pressure
* Must pass physical examination
* Successfully demonstrated ability to move and lift cartons of library materials

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