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Friday, March 19, 2010

P/T - Digital Services Manager - American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

Type of Library
Special – All Others

Job Description
The Digital Services Manager will be responsible for the administration and maintenance of the Library web servers and all Library applications and systems, including but not limited to, the OPAC, digital repository, and Library image database. Responsible for the setup, customization, and interlinking of new library systems. Monitor technological innovations in the library and cultural resources communities and take the lead in implementing appropriate technology as needed to convert textual, image, audio, and video materials into digital form; and to migrate digital objects into new formats. Coordinate and oversee the Library’s digitization efforts by monitoring production standards and storage space, researching and implementing hardware and software and participating in consortial digitization projects. Act as an intermediary between the Museum’s IT department and the Library’s OPAC vendor (presently Innovative Interfaces).

Required Experience
An MLS or equivalent experience working in a library environment. Advanced knowledge of library systems and emerging library technologies. Extensive knowledge of web-based applications using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP) based solutions; demonstrated experience with web server software such as IIS or Apache; familiarity with HMTL and other Web related markup languages, features, and protocols (XHTML, XML, RSS, CSS); familiarity with basic library metadata standards (MARC, OAI, Dubin Core and EAD) and the issues related to the application of metadata to digital objects. Experience working with various image/multimedia formats (jpeg, gif, tif, swf, mov, avi, flv). Comfortable working in multi-platform (Linux, Windows, and Mac) environments. Interest and knowledge of various institutional repository systems and of digital preservation issues. Familiarity with various open source collection management systems, including Omeka, DRUPAL and DSPACE. Basic understanding of TCP/IP networking and proxy servers desired.

MLS Requirement

Education Requirements
An MLS or equivalent experience working in a library environment.


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Tom Baione
Acting Director
Department of Library Services

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