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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Media Resources Asst (LAC Group) (NY)

Media Resources Asst., LAC Group – NY

LAC Group seeks a Media Resources Assistant to support the news broadcast and digital media archive of an LAC Group client, a prestigious news and media company located in New York City (Manhattan) with 24/7 operations.

This position requires a flexible schedule and will include rotating shifts that could include days, nights, weekends and holidays.  This position will use various media software tools as well as a proprietary (DAM) digital asset management system, to enter data, and create new and updated existing asset records.  This position will also be managing daily order processing and other tasks in the support of the daily ebb and flow of physical and digital assets into and out of the media production, broadcast and archive environments.  Must be comfortable in a time sensitive environment and have excellent customer / client services skills. Ideal candidate will have had 1—3 years of similar or related experience.

  • Screen various video formats for content and to identify persons, places and other relevant information to the news archive
  • Use various media archive software tools, as well as a proprietary (DAM) digital asset management system, to enter metadata
  • Create new and update existing asset records in the system.
  • Create and affix labels, process orders for footage and transcripts as well as physical media assets that may include videos, XDCAM and film.
  • Fulfill as-needed search requests, including finding and sourcing footage and content, often of an urgent, time-sensitive nature.
  • Organize tapes and boxes of assets coming from other locations, and generally assist producers and their assistants in locating library materials
  • Process requests for assets to be pulled from storage locations on and off site.
  • Coordinate order processing tasks to assure that all materials are being trafficked as needed and within the time frames requested
  • Must have a good knowledge of historical and current events
  • Must be able to work autonomously
  • Must be computer proficient and be willing and able to learn and use a proprietary digital asset management system quickly and efficiently
  • Familiarity with digital media asset tools and technologies helpful
  • Ability to learn and become quickly proficient in new software tools
  • Excellent customer service skills and the ability to quickly react to requests for information
  • Must have demonstrated organizational skills, with the ability to follow instructions, maintain work and productivity schedules and benchmarks
  • Must be punctual, reliable and committed to adhering to the work schedule provided
  • Must be able to follow instructions and work within a team but also capable of working independently
  • Must work well under pressure
  • Must be able to read, write and speak English fluently and accurately
  • Requires strong attention to detail
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LAC Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action Employer who values diversity in the workplace.
Source: SLA Chapter Princeton-Trenton Listserv