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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

F/T - Dir. of Admin. Solutions, Columbia Univ. (NY)

Director of Administrative Solutions

The Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College offer an expanding array of traditional and innovative services to the college community of educators. The library is committed to creating a high performance culture to provide world-class services to students, faculty, and staff. Administrative Services are a key component in this effort.

The Director of Administrative Solutions for the Gottesman Libraries provides innovative leadership and strategic direction for essential services to the directors and staff of the library in the areas of budget and financial management, facilities operations and building safety, and human resources and talent development.

The Director of Administrative Solutions works with the senior leadership of the library to ensure effective coordination and operational effectiveness for library administrative services. As a member of the library's senior leadership team, the Director of Administrative Services collaborates with other library leaders on long-range strategic planning, program development, policy formulation, resource allocation, and outcomes assessment.

The Director of Administrative Solutions will be expected to maintain business systems and processes and provide leadership in the introduction of new systems and technologies to enhance efficiency and improve overall operations.

Responsibilities for this position include:

- Serve as the senior administrative officer for other offices of the college. Develop systems to provide real time information on the status of business with other offices of the college. Develop systems to monitor and document the performance of other offices providing services to the library. Work with other offices of the college to develop service standards and service level agreements. Prepare the annual evaluation report on the performance of other college units providing services to the library. Develop other strategies to hold internal service providers accountable.

- Serve as the senior administrative officer of the library for external vendors, suppliers, and outsourcing firms. Conduct research on major external vendors in areas relevant to library operations. Maintain files on vendor services and performance profiles. Draw up and execute vendor contracts and agreements. Develop systems to provide real time monitoring of vendor performance. Conduct cost-benefit analyses for externally provided services. Develop alternative scenarios for configurations of library services.

- Direct the talent development and recruitment activities of the library. Work with the library senior leadership team to identify emerging needs and skills gaps in the current library work force. Work with search firms and placement offices to identify candidates for library positions. Conduct research on national standards and trends in compensation. Maintain and process human resources records.

- Direct administrative and budget support for the library management team. Provide real time status reports on library expenditures for each unit of the library. Develop and document administrative systems and services provided to each unit of the library. Identify new systems and applications to enhance administrative services to library units. Prepare the sections of the library five-year strategic plan covering resources and expenditures.

- Direct administrative support for all units of the library. Conduct assessments of the needs for administrative services and develop a program of services to address those needs. Develop systems and documentation to facilitate the delivery of administrative services to all library staff. Provide metrics on the delivery of services to all library units. Investigate new service systems and applications to advance the delivery of administrative services. Provide an annual assessment of library administrative services.

Minimum Qualifications

• At least five years of progressively responsible management experience in higher education or another complex institutional environment
• Demonstrated accomplishments in administration, budget and finance, and/or human resources
• Demonstrated accomplishments in the introduction of new administrative technologies and systems
• Demonstrated problem solving skills
• Outstanding communication and collaboration skills

Preferred Qualifications

• Experience identifying new technologies to enhance operational efficiency and implementing them to achieve improved performance
• Recent experience and knowledge of issues and trends in administrative services in academic libraries
• An academic or professional background in information science, library science, education, or related disciplines
• Ability to articulate an interest in the education sector and a vision for new technologies and materials to advance learning
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