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Sunday, February 10, 2013

F/T - Dir Records and Info Mgmt - DTI (NY)

Director Records and Information Mgmt
New York, NY

DTI is the nation's largest independent provider of e-discovery, managed document review, facilities management and knowledge process outsourcing. DTI serves the nation's leading law firms and Fortune 500 corporations through its 28 highly secure service centers located in major cities across the United States.
DTI is seeking candidates for the Records and Information Management (RIM) Director.
Job Summary:  
Articulates and implements the organization’s vision for records and information management through policy, budget, and inter-organizational initiatives.  Directs people and programs to realize the delivery of an excellent records and information management program for clients through strategic and business planning. Demonstrates comprehensive management skills, including organizational leadership skills.  Serves as the principal advisor to executive management concerning the direction, policies, and practices of record services provided to clients.  Reports to a first-level executive and ranks with similar positions to implement organization-wide policies and structure to achieve success.
Responsible for strategy used to develop records management delivery systems, developing staff talent, and career mobility, training directives, standard written guidelines and procedures used in client sites.
Coordinates and implements procedures and guidelines to ensure records and information delivery systems and supporting resources are provided to clients at the lowest possible cost and receive the maximum level of services possible. 
  • Develop a strategic plan for a records and information management program model using best practice methodologies to support and achieve long-range organizational goals.
  • Develop a strategic records and information program model using best practice methodologies to support and achieve client long-range organizational goals.
  • Provide program and project information to executive management and stakeholders.
  • Review, recommend, and revise organization business plans to achieve compliance with technology, legal, and RIM requirements.
  • Demonstrate the value of promoting growth, quality products, and delivery systems.
  • Allocate resources to ensure efficient and effective implementation of a quality RIM program for each client.
  • Direct the development of tools to evaluate production, proficiency, resources, and effectiveness for each client location by setting benchmarks and evaluation of performance standards,
  • Assist in the education / knowledge base of each client’s current policies and procedures to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in the industry, and to assist in developing organizational governance.
  • Demonstrate the ability to assist with a RIM disaster preparedness and business continuity program.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to develop a communication and outreach strategy to achieve awareness of the importance and integration of a RIM program within each client site.
  • Establish and communicate RIM program requirements and goals through education and reinforce compliance, best practices, and industry standards to grow and improve the RIM program for each client.
  • Establish RIM program methodologies for the management of assets in electronic and digital formats.
  • Assist Records Managers and Supervisors build relationships with IT to develop best practices and procedures related to managing electronic information repositories.
  • Empower others in the organization through leadership and training to maximize the potential for their participation in creating a positive work environment.
  • Lead teams by coaching, mentoring, resolving problems to support the business operations of the RIM function.
  • Articulate program goals; recognize individual achievement, and communication openly with all staff.
  • Use change management techniques and methodologies during changes in tasks, work environment, or conditions affecting the organization. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to create a team environment; knowledge of conflict resolution; and creative problem solving.
  • Facilitate career development to improve staff effectiveness consistent with RIM program objectives though individual development plans, instituting reward systems, and providing resources and increase job opportunities to improve staff effectiveness using internal and external training resources.
  • Participate in continuing education, research, networking, and professional and industry organizations to develop, maintain, and advance competencies.
 Bachelor’s degree, with relevant information management or business management discipline and the certification of CRM preferred.  Six to eight years broad business experience, with at least four to include the management of records and information functions in a legal environment.
Qualifications:  Ability to interface and influence management leadership at all levels internally and externally.  Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

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