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Saturday, October 18, 2014

F/T - News Research Mgr, Associated Press (NY)

News Research Manager, Associated Press – NY

The Associated Press is seeking an innovative, experienced manager based in New York City to oversee a research operation that breaks news, informs breaking news coverage and supports ground-breaking journalism worldwide.
The News Research Manager leads a team of high-caliber researchers responsible for forward-thinking approaches to digital resource discovery and analysis, primary source material curation and data management. The manager must be a leader versed in training staff in current research methods and resources.

The manager is charged with evaluating AP’s editorial research needs, both domestically and internationally, and designing workflows and resource networks to provide rapid-response information retrieval and support innovative approaches to uncovering the details that drive stories. In consultation with editors and reporters, the manager creates strategies for document and data maintenance, supporting collaboration and resource management for major investigations and enterprise projects. The manager will work closely with journalists and technologists to ensure that projects and coverage align with AP’s editorial and business goals.
Among this position’s most important responsibilities is setting research standards at AP and developing a comprehensive, rigorous training program focused on new research techniques for the modern media landscape.

The manager should also constantly explore emerging technologies to increase the speed, comprehensiveness and accuracy of materials available to AP journalists. The manager should remain current on new research and data management practices to assess and improve AP’s digital resource collection, ensure data integrity and optimize data storage and presentation for access and usability. The manager also collaborates with newsroom developers to build and manage custom newsroom tools.

The successful candidate for this position will demonstrate the ability to work collegially and as a leader with researchers, editors, reporters and technologists across the organization. The ideal candidate will thrive in the exciting, fast-paced world of the newsroom.
Other qualifications include:
  • Expertise in Accurint, TLO, Nexis, Factiva, PACER, and Courtlink
  • Background in discovering and warehousing primary sources
  • Experience negotiating terms of license agreements
  • Expertise in discovering, vetting and curating public and private databases
  • Deep knowledge of data formats and systems, especially open ones
  • A master’s degree in library or information science or the equivalent experience in a news library is highly recommended.
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