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Friday, October 31, 2014

Data Curator II, Center for Comms Research (NJ)

Data Curator II, Center for Communications Research, Institute for Defense Analyses – NJ

Data Curator II at Princeton, NJ based Center for Communications Research, a division of Institute for Defense Analyses, supports a dynamic collection of highly talented researchers who focus on unique solutions to challenges of national importance. Under minimal supervision, this position creates, manages, protects and preserves digital repositories of data, assists users with data access questions, and interfaces with sponsor or about data requirements/restrictions.
  1. In coordination with computer lab staff, document control staff, technical typists and research staff, develops and implements strategies for life-cycle management of classified data sets including electronic documents, videos, data sets associated with specific research problems or technologies, operational data from our sponsor, generic data sets associated with specific languages or signals.
  2. Determines metadata requirements and standard formats.
  3. Develops data profile for each data type including the approximate volume (memory size and number of files), standard file format(s), check-sum standards, metadata requirements, quality control procedures and work-flow, life-cycle management.
  4. For sponsor data, determines legal and classification requirements, including “release-to” information and purge requirements and develops a method for complying with requirements. Files any sponsored-required paperwork. Performs periodic testing of access control of data sets. Instructs research staff on requirements.
  5. Works with systems programmers in the design and implementation of databases and user tools based on data profile for each data set.
  6. Provides assistance to research staff in the use of the databases and tools.
  7. Maintains integrity of the data; determines and implements a system for assuring the integrity of the data, including testing procedures and schedule as well as backup procedures and schedules.
  8. May provide work leadership for lower level employees and may oversee imaging/cataloging of materials and train employees.
  9. Performs other duties as assigned.
  • U.S. Citizenship required.
  • Ability to obtain and maintain necessary security clearances.
  • Master’s degree in Library Science, Information Science or related field, and five years significant experience in data curation/information management
  • Demonstrable competence of relational database design, implementation and maintenance.
  • A working knowledge of general scripting language and integration of that scripting language with relational databases.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of issues and technical challenges related to data curation/management, including format migration, preservation, metadata, data retrieval and use issues.
  • Familiarity with current scientific data and metadata standards.
  • The ability to acquire new technological skills and resolve problems in a resourceful and timely manner.
  • Demonstrate capacity to work effectively and professionally with computer, support and research staff.
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with all levels of personnel.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with Unix operating system commands and utilities.
  • Preferred experience:
-PostgreSQL programming
-Linux operating systems
-Perl or Python scripting language

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