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Monday, July 8, 2013

F/T - Medical Record Librarian, Sanitation Dept. - City of New York (NY)

Medical Record Librarian, Sanitation Dept. – City of New York

Department of Sanitation of City of New York is seeking a Medical Records Librarian to analyze, code, and index medical records.
Job Vacancy Notice
Civil Service Title:  Medical Record Librarian
Title Code No:  50811
Salary:   $45,941 – $56,553
Work location:   44 Beaver Street
Division/​Work Unit: Bureau of Administration/​Medical Division
Number of Positions:  1
Hours/​Shift:  To be determined /​ 35 Hour per week (minimum)
Under direction, with very wide latitude for independent initiative and judgment, performs medical record librarian duties of a highly technical nature and/​or supervises a very large medical record library unit or system.​ Assume leadership role in the implementation of a new electronic medical record system.​  Provides technical advice on record keeping and the use of standard nomenclature and established indices.​ Instructs physicians, nurse and other relevant personnel in the use of the standard nomenclature of diseases and the operation index.​  Supervise a staff and provide assistance to all employees on appropriate ICD 9 coding.​ Analyzes medical records for completeness and accuracy in relation to present and potential use.​  Manage the health data and medical records of all active and former employees.​ Prepares periodic reports, statistical abstracts, and other records and summaries.​ Assists the agency staff in selecting and collating records for medical research.​ Answers, in accordance with established policy, HIPPAA law and legal requirements, inquiries for information in medical records.​  Manages the collection of fee’s for such services.​

Qualification Requirements:

1.​       Completion of a one year course of study in medical record technology approved by a recognized accrediting organization; or
2.​       An associate degree in medical record technology from an accredited college having a program approved by a recognized accrediting organization; or
3.​       A certificate issued upon successful completion of a correspondence course in medical record technology given by a recognized accrediting organization; or4.​ A four‐year high school diploma or its educational equivalent approved by a state’s department of education or a recognized accrediting organization and two years of full-time experience analyzing, coding, and indexing medical records as a medical record librarian.​

Must apply via www.​nyc.​gov/​careers or city employees apply via Employee Services.​

JVN: 827-2013-121333
The City of New York is an Equal Opportunity Employer.​
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