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Monday, April 8, 2013

F/T - Content Strategist - Vortalsoft (NY)

Content Strategist

Typical deliverables include:

- Research: Publishing workflows, stakeholder interviews
- Solutions: sitemaps, information architecture, taxonomies, metadata schema, content models
- Implementation: CMS workflows, admin interfaces, content migrations, governance planning, training
Content strategy is a linchpin for large-scale experiences such as portal or enterprise-wide intranets. Wireframes are typically not a core deliverable for this role but appreciation for design and an aptitude for visual solutions is valued.

Requirements / Qualifications:
- 3+ years working experience solving large-site content challenges
- Degree in library science or related field is a plus
- Successful track record of creating and documenting taxonomy and CMS solutions
- Uses existing editorial workflow to inform CMS implementation and workflow strategies
- Weighs in on design decisions in light of strategic goals, fighting for great content relationships and realistic technical solutions to co-exist
- Excellent problem solving skills and a love for content challenges
- Loves to create powerful spreadsheets that boggle the mind
- Self-motivated and capable of managing multiple simultaneous projects
- Passionate about making the best content experiences in the world