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Monday, September 14, 2009

F/T - Senior Information Architect - Siegel & Gale

Senior Information Architect
Location: New York
Company Order Number: 115
# of openings: 1

To lead teams in the development of the information architecture for Simplification engagements and content management systems, assuring that the solution satisfies the expectations for utility and ease of use, while also supporting business requirements and brand strategy.


Other duties may be assigned
· Lead the analysis of user needs and business objectives - including both client and user interviews
· Conduct interviews with subject matter experts, analyzing documents, writing in plain English, consolidating large amounts of information and working closely with graphic designers and staff
· Where applicable, also work on information architecture and content development of websites, and develop personas and fictional “scenarios” to guide concept development
· Determine the organization and structure of information and functionality
· Conduct reviews of existing communications, applications, systems and web sites, based on clarity and usability best practices, and prepare reports of findings and recommendations.
· Develop content and workflow maps indicating process and systems implications, navigation and content relationships
· Create concept prototypes for client presentations and for use by design and technical teams
· Create ECM Roadmaps and populate content matrix showing all content elements, relationships and dependents
· Perform content audits and reviews
· Develop detailed wireframes which indicate features, content, navigation and information layout of each page
· Plan and complete user testing with both prototypes and finished products
· Communicate with clients during analysis and give presentation; manage client expectations regarding deliverables
· Collaborate with clients to build long term relationships and identify opportunities to grow business throughout clients’ organizations
· Partner with Group Directors and Business Development to identify and pitch outside opportunities for new business
· Supervise and mentor Information Architects and other junior staff


· Extensive experience working as an Information Architect on web development projects
· Exceptional technical writing/content background
· Ability to perform web content development and plain language editing/copywriting
· Experience with enterprise content management a plus
· Experience working with senior business leaders in Fortune 500 companies
· Proven ability to extend new client engagements.
· Experience identifying and pitching new business opportunities
· Experience leading teams and managing junior staff
· Undergraduate degree required

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