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Monday, September 21, 2009

F/T - Director, Records Mgm't - Warner Music Group

WMG Director, Records Management Legal
Location :New York, NY
Division:Warner Music Group
Date Posted:09/17/09
Detailed Job Description

Position is responsible and accountable for all aspects of managing, overseeing and implementing a comprehensive records management program company wide. Plans, develops, and administers records management policies designed to facilitate effective and efficient handling of business records and other information. Evaluates staff reports, utilizing knowledge of principles of records and information management, administrative processes and systems, cost control, governmental recordkeeping requirements, and organizational objectives. Confers with other administrators to assure compliance with policies, procedures, and practices of records management program.

Responsible for ensuring that the Company's records are being managed appropriately and consistently across the organization and in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations.
• Draft Policies and Procedures for Records Management.
• Conduct an inventory of the types of records company uses and generates.
• Develop and update Records Retention Schedules which define how long certain types of records will be retained.
• Conduct a Records Appraisal.
• Work with IT on implementation of email system, archive, and back up tape policies and procedures.
• Create a standard file classification program for use by all departments.
• Work with each department to ensure compliance with standard file classification program.
• Develop and implement regularly scheduled Records Management days (filing, archiving, maintenance and disposition of records).
Skills Required
At least 7+ years experience with records management. Strong preference for in-house experience. Excellent organization and execution skills; ability to keep track of multiple projects and deadlines.
Special Requirements/Preferences
Effective verbal and written communication skills. A team player that enjoys working with a variety of people and who can work both independently and in groups.

Bachelor's degree in Library Science or related field preferred or minimum of 7 years in a records management roll or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.

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