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Thursday, July 10, 2014

F/T SharePoint Architect Taxonomy, Technical Solutions (agency) (NY)

Leading firm in lower Manhattan seeks a SharePoint Architect with Taxonomy & hierarchy experience as a w2 consultant
  • The project is to help design and implement a business taxonomy and hierarchy for a document repository in our  current SharePoint environment, and provide guidance and help with implementing it.​
  •  Each Bank being supervised (Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank etc) has their own SharePoint team site and teams of employees that are assigned to supervise those banks.​
  • Each team is storing potentially 1000s of documents on each team site.​ The project need is to be able to search across these sites and 1000s of documents to find what they need quickly, through use of metadata tags.​ (There is no workflow in the SharePoint.​)
  • We have developed a preliminary taxonomy/​hierarchy structure but it needs to be further enhanced and refined.​
  • We are seeking someone with this type of architecting experience and also experience operationalizing this type of structure in a SharePoint environment.​

  • experience with creating and maintaining Ontologies and hierarchies
  • recent experience in developing and managing multiple business taxonomies
  • Experience with developing and implementing strategies for enterprise taxonomy development and deployment
  • Experience with operationalizing developed taxonomy strategy in a SharePoint environment
  • Experience in establishing enterprise processes and guidelines for maintaining taxonomies
  • experience with evaluating existing taxonomies and knowledge sets and recommending steps for further development
  • Practical experience implementing taxonomies in SharePoint:
  • Experience with developing and managing taxonomies, controlled vocabularies and managed metadata for document organization in SharePoint environment
  •  Experience with updating existing SharePoint sites to leverage SharePoint Managed Metadata services
  • Ability to articulate best practices and pros/​cons of SharePoint metadata configuration choices in regards to discoverability, security and presentation
  • Experience implementing metadata standards that span across multiple SharePoint sites and site collections
  • Expertise in organizing and presenting content in SharePoint in a way that maximizes usability on intake and makes content easy to find once in the repository
  • Familiarity with capabilities and best practices of SharePoint 2013 in regards to content organization based on metadata tags
  • A good understanding of SharePoint Architecture
    To apply: Interested candidates please forward your resume and w2 rate to:
    Nancy Lan