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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nat'l Digital Stewardship Res Coordinator, METRO (NY)

National Digital Stewardship Residency Program Coordinator, METRO – NY

The Program Coordinator at METRO is a temporary, 20-hour per week position running from date-of-hire through June 2016. This position is open to both new and experienced project managers and information professionals interested in supporting libraries, archives, and cultural heritage through managing a professional development program focused on digital stewardship.

The position’s responsibility will be as day-to-day coordinator of METRO’s National Digital Stewardship Residency in New York (NDSR-NY) program, an expansion of the NDSR program launched by the Library of Congress and Institute of Museum and Library Services in 2012. The NDSR-NY program is a three-year, IMLS-funded initiative to build a post-Master’s residency program for new professionals to work on digital stewardship projects in NYC-area libraries, archives, and museums. The Program Coordinator will be responsible for working with NDSR-NY’s Principal Investigator on all aspects of the program. More information on the NDSR-NY program can be found at

If you fill this position, you will be asked to:
  • Contribute to project planning, communications, documentation, evaluations, outreach, and help maintain the program’s web presence and online platforms.
  • Plan, organize, and help run NDSR-affiliated events, meetings, and workshops.
  • Serve as a representative and contact for NDSR-NY program in collaboration with host institutions, NDSR residents and Library of Congress and NDSR-Boston program staff.
The ideal candidate will have:
  • Experience with all or some of the following: project management, communications, grant administration, and special event planning.
  • Professional or internship experience working in a library, archive, or cultural heritage organization or an affiliated or similar non-profit or professional organization.
  • The ability to communicate with diverse audiences and write clearly.
  • Familiarity with digital projects and knowledge of trends and best practices in the fields of digital stewardship and digital preservation.
  • Facility with contemporary computing systems and relevant software and applications.
Position Details:
This part-time position runs through June 2016 and reports to the Principal Investigator of the NDSR-NY program. This position pays $27.50/hr for a 20-hour work week and accrues annual leave hours. The employee will receive basic benefits required by law: workers comp, unemployment, and short-term disability. Outside of annual leave, no other benefits will be provided. METRO’s offices are located at 57 E. 11th Street in New York City.

To apply: Applications will be accepted through Friday, July 31, 2015. Please send a resume or c.v. and a cover letter as .pdf attachments to with “Program Coordinator” in the subject line. No phone calls, please.