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Saturday, July 4, 2009

P/T - Content Preparation Specialist -

Content Preparation Specialist,

There are two contract positions at that involve controlled
vocabulary development, knowledge of web content and search practices,
and SEO.

Please contact Paula Freedman at

*Role description*
0A Temporary resources to handle large volume of content being created,
imported, or migrated for the Rebuild of

* Reports to: Content Project Manager or Content Manager, Digital
* Freelance/project- based or Independent Contractor
* Target start: June 2009
* Target end: October 2009


The Content Preparation Specialist will be tasked with the following:

· Implements standard as well as custom metadata

· Leverages Faceted Classification Schema, Controlled
Vocabulary, and Content Style Guide to classify content and write
keyword-rich tags to increase findability, relevance, and implicit
content relationships

· Writes concise, SEO-friendly meta descriptions and keywords,
and classifies/indexes content according to proprietary faceted
classification schema

· As project phases require,

1. Performs wholesale tagging of content offline using MS Office or
similar applications
2. Optimizes quality of content relationships by entering or
modifying individual data records in content management system


The ideal candidate will have:

· Information Science or related field experience, especially

· Close reading skills and excellent web writing skills;
knowledge of SEO best practices

· Interest in historical topics

· Familiarity with web content and search best practices as
applied to content

· Understands the relationship between words and findability on
the web

· Must be able to work in web content management system as well
as offline using Excel, Word, and/or MS Access

Familiarity with TeamSite CMS is desirable