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Sunday, July 12, 2009

F/T - records Mgmt Assoc - Moody's

Records Management Associate

In this position, you will play an integral role in supporting several Records Managers initiates. You will be responsible for supporting an established workflow processes in the collection, processing, distribution, maintenance and disposition of documents. You will be required to identify specific document types and properly prepare, scan, quality control scan and upload document into the Moody's Document Management System.

You will assist the Records Manager in the implementation of a Records Management and Retention Program by working with business line contacts to promote and monitor the proper transfer of documents from the analysts to the Information Center . You will review entries into the Records Management System, checking for accuracy, timing entry of data and the proper assignment of association and of retention periods for all records. You will need to be familiar with all tracing systems in order to properly research and retrieve documents for analysts and projects. You will also work with the manager and the project mangers in monitoring delinquency reports to monitor compliance by identifying analysts who have not submitted records to the Information Center . You will be required to provide detailed analytical reports to the Records Manger on a weekly basis describing documents prepared, scanned, quality verification, uploaded, retrieved and returned.


College degree or relevant experience. Candidate with Records Management degree or certification quality preferred. Candidate should have experience working in the Corporate or Legal Records Management program utilizing internal and external databases or a Records Management software solution (Stellent, FileSurf, Lotus Notes, Excel, nRDE, DPCData and Bloomberg); good verbal and written skills and a willingness to learn; must be able to work independently and as a group to meet all deadlines. Candidate must be able to pay attention to detail, demonstrate initiative and problem solving skills required; Candidate must be able to work flexible schedule when needed (overtime during the evenings and weekends) Candidate must be able to lift boxes.

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