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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mgr, Knowledge Management, Ingredion (NJ)

Manager, Knowledge Management at Ingredion Bridgewater, NJ

Primary Function

 The Manager, Knowledge Management is responsible for providing overall leadership and direction of Knowledge Management (KM) for the Global Innovation Group within Ingredion. This includes defining the global KM strategy and leading implementation of initiatives that preserve data, enable leveraging of information assets, and facilitate utilization of knowledge within the organization. The position will define and prioritize current knowledge management challenges and be responsible for the identification, implementation, and monitoring of solutions to enable the organization to work more efficiently and deliver valuable solutions to our customers.

Key Deliverables


 Identify areas where knowledge and information transfer limitations are barriers to the delivery of innovative solutions and services

 Select cost-effective, high success probability solutions that can be implemented to provide robust alleviation of problems or enable expansion into new, more efficient means of information transfer.

 Provide support across business units globally to achieve growth goals.

Agility and Innovation

 Handle multiple complex and shifting priority projects while continually updating and evolving long term strategic goals.

 Keep abreast and knowledgeable of established and cutting-edge solutions that are implemented in world-class organizations to enable our organization to have access to information that is needed to be effective and efficient.

 Challenge the status quo and consider potential solutions that are novel, unexpected, or counter-culture while defining an implementation path to foster a high probability of long term adoption and success.

Relationships and People

 Serve as main point- of -contact on all matters related to Knowledge Management. Coordinate efforts globally and tailor solutions to regional needs.

 Develop meaningful professional relationships with individuals of all levels (Executive, Director, Manager, and Professional) across all functions of the global organization.

 Collaborate with external network of knowledge management professionals to ensure industry best practices are continuously adopted.

 Closely collaborate with teams in the Information Technology functions to ensure that initiatives are well defined and potential solutions can realistically be implemented.

 Establish a channel to provide success stories to be communicated both internally and externally to build confidence and drive differentiation of the organization as a leader in the industry.

 Empower individuals, teams and organizations to intelligently discover, share, and collaborate.

Knowledge, Skills, and Requirements:

 BS/MS degree in technical field (Information Management, Information Technology, Food Science, Food Chemistry, etc) with 6 -10 years of professional experience in multiple functions. PhD candidates also desirable.

 Experience within large multinational corporations (>1000 employees, >$500MM in revenue) preferred.

 Previous employment in the technology and/or management consultancy industries preferred.

 Analytically rigorous. Able to structure data and build logical models

 Relevant experience in Knowledge Management, preferably in an R&D environment.

 Strong experience in knowledge acquisition, creation, refinement, storage, transfer, sharing and utilization within a dynamic and complex organization.

 Ability to decipher and align existing data sources, including laboratory data, and establish an underlying infrastructure for data access and visualization across the company.

 Served as expert user in one or more enterprise-wide software platform systems used for information, knowledge, project management or data visualization, for example SharePoint, Accolade, GenSite, Tableau, Spotfire.

 Highly proficient in communicating complex concepts and their value in tangible, easily understood terms

 Experience implementing solutions utilizing best practices to improve knowledge access in large corporations

 Experience in developing and refining medium term strategic plans

 Flexible and able to rapidly adapt to changing priorities