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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Librarian, The Union Club (NY)

The Union Club, in NYC, is seeking a Librarian.

Librarian Job Description

Professional Requirements

·         Master's degree from an American Library Association-accredited program in library and information science
·         Background in American and European history and American and English literature would be an asset
·         Experience in archives and familiarity with records management would also be an advantage
·         Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel as well as specialized software for improved library services
·         Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or other raster graphics editor software
·         Working knowledge of HyperText Markup Language and experience in web design
·         Excellent oral and written communication skills as well as public service skills


The Librarian must possess a variety of technical, administrative, and personal skills to maintain its day-to-day operations, the long-term vitality of the collection, and the continued usefulness of the Library to Members as central to the life of the Club.

Responsibilities include all the technical and public services functions of librarianship, and requires proficiencies across a wide variety of duties, as outlined below. Flexibility and the ability to take on new projects are essential. Attention to detail and the ability to respond to varying priorities with time constraints are very important.

The Librarian reports to the General Manager administratively and works under the direction of the Library Committee, which meets monthly from September through June. In addition to the duties outlined below, the Librarian also acts as Secretary for the Library Committee, including setting the agendas for and keeping the minutes of its meetings.



Selects and acquires new books for approval by the Library Committee at its monthly meetings

Acquires copies to replace worn and missing books in the collection and as part of collection development

Receives donations of library materials by Members and others


Checks library materials in and out

Keeps track of overdue and missing titles


Creates bibliographic records for acquisitions in the Library of Congress Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) format, using the Resource Description and Access standard and Dewey Decimal Classification system

Processes all acquisitions and deaccessions, preparing new materials for shelves with bookplates, spine labels, and stamps and withdrawing old records from the integrated library system

Maintains bibliographic and authority control (including valid MARC bibliographic records, accurate and consistent call numbers, and current Library of Congress Subject Headings), undertaking re-cataloging and reclassification as necessary


Assists Members with locating books on the shelves and in the online library catalog

Fulfills Member requests for books that are not in the collection by borrowing them through interlibrary loan

Fields reference inquiries from Members, outside scholars, and others


Arranges for the repair, rebinding, or other conservation of other books as necessary

Arranges for the repair or expansion of shelving

Ensures the proper appraisal and preservation of rare and other high-value items in the collection

Identifies items in the general collection for transfer to the rare book collection

Collection Maintenance

Re-shelves books, including rotating books on new book tables

Shelf-reads (putting books in call number order) and shifts periodically to ensure accessibility, maintain space on shelves, avert loss of books by misshelving, and prevent damage of books by improper shelving

Performs or arranges for periodic cleaning of shelves

Performs or arranges for periodic inventory of the collection

Collection Development

Identifies gaps in the collection and selects books to strengthen and expand the collection

Identifies missing and damaged books and determines whether to repair, replace, or withdraw them from the catalog

Evaluates the collection to determine books for deaccessioning

Information Technology

Maintains the integrity of the integrated library system and the and usability of the online library catalog

Maintains the library section of the club website


Produces email announcements to promote Library Committee events

Produces the monthly email Union Club Library Bulletin to keep membership informed of monthly acquisitions and any other information that facilitates the use of the library by Members

Produces the quarterly Union Club Library Newsletter, as well as any other print publications to aid in making the library useful to members and contribute to the cultural heritage of the Club

Prepares exhibits to promote the history of the Club, special collections, and upcoming events

Other Duties

Maintains subscriptions to magazines and other periodicals

Purchases necessary library supplies and processes invoices for Library Committee account

Selects and gets approval for subscriptions to bibliographic utilities, online classification aids, and other services necessary to the function of the library

Selects and oversees assistants for special projects under the Union Club Library Fellowship program as necessary

In addition to the responsibilities of running the Library, the Librarian also acts as Archivist, with responsibility for the Club Archives, and as Registrar of the Club's art collection, under the direction of the Art Committee.

Experience in archives and familiarity with records management would also be an advantage.


Starting salary $55,000 depending on relevant experience and abilities. Year-end bonus up to 10% base salary.
Excellent benefits including health and 401K.

To Apply:

Send resume and cover letter to Jean-Pierre David, General Manager, via e-mail at
Your cover letter should describe how your experience and abilities are specifically related to the requirements and responsibilities of this position.