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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

F/T - Research Associate - Knovel

Research Associate


Supports the Director of Contracts and Licensing in acquiring rights to new content, updating and maintaining the appropriate databases for content requests, overseeing the volume in our production pipelines, tracking new editions of existing content, coordinating with publishers, tracking amendments, and monitoring use of Knovel content on the Web.

Key Responsibilities:

• Maintain and update the pipeline of content requests to Publishers. Prioritize the pipeline according to directions from the Director. This includes research responsibilities such as verifying and/or obtaining metadata, designating appropriate category and sub-category for the titles.

• Interact with existing publishers to ensure we received review samples, production materials, and signed addendums in a timely manner.

• Mailing, tracking and processing publisher addendums

• With Director supervision, maintain a flow of appropriate business information to publishers including relevant information on royalties and the usage of their products to support the development of our business with them.

• Maintain and track new editions of existing Knovel content from publication date until updated on Knovel.

• Ensure that Knovel has the latest content available online by reviewing publisher catalogs seasonally to track ‘new editions’

• Coordinate with Production as needed to obtain print and/or electronic copies of approved content for production processing.

• Assist Director on occasional projects, such as researching/preparing materials for presentations to new content providers

• Monitor various file hosting sites to ensure that Knovel content is not being posted illegally. With Director’s supervision, send out “Notice of Claimed Infringement” to have the content removed. Follow up to ensure material is taken down in a timely fashion.


- Strong computer skills including Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

- Experience creating reports

- Excellent communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal).

- Initiative and organization skills

- Strong collaborative skills to maintain good relationships with key departments such as finance, production, sales and product development

- Ability to work harmoniously and effectively as part of a work team.

- Ability to maintain own workflow and meet deadlines.

- Excellent research skills using traditional print, advanced Internet and database search skills

Minimum Educational/Experience Qualifications:

- Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts or journalism preferred; MLS helpful, not required

- Minimum of 2-3 years of related experience in the editorial, research or corporate library area.

To Apply:

Apply directly on-line through the Knovel Careers section on our website: