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Friday, March 17, 2017

DAM Manager, Elland Road Partners (NY)

DAM Manager Position

Position will service a premier privately held real estate development company through Elland Road Partners, an editorial consulting firm

Key Qualifications

*      Demonstrated success working with digital assets
*      Demonstrated commitment going above and beyond to help customers, system users, and patrons
*      Proven success as a key member of a team
*      Able to apply sound judgment while working independently within tight deadlines
*      Outstanding attention to detail and commitment to excellence
*      Possession of articulate communication skills; ability to forge trusting relationships within a diverse team
*      Fanatical about creating order from disorder
*      Hands-on technical experience with library systems, content management systems (CMSs), or other large searchable databases used in the creation of web pages, media, or research
*      Knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud products
*      MSLIS degree from accredited institution or comparable experience (2-5 years)


*      Become immersed in workplace environment to gain a thorough understanding of business needs
*      Identify unique ways to organize and manage the entire digital asset life cycle from creation to distribution, production, and archiving
*      Demonstrate understanding of legal issues around asset use and create solutions that serve business, creative, and legal requirements
*      Assist with the creation of case studies/user stories and reporting/user acceptance testing (UAT) to identify and prioritize requirements and workflow
*      Participate in the development and maintenance of asset metadata models incorporating industry standards and organization's unique requirements
*      Understand tools available internally and externally to devise flexible solutions while making our process more efficient
*      Develop a thorough understanding of overall user needs to suggest solutions that work for individual stakeholders
*      Conduct DAM user training for different audiences, both internal and external
*      Participate in larger DAM enterprise direction and solutions
*      Present products of work and reporting to Digital Asset Manager or Supervisor
*      Support outside vendors and contractors working with DAM
*      Provide excellent service and support to those using DAM, arranging, describing, preserving, and providing easy and efficient access to digital assets

Please respond with resume, references and LinkedIn profile to Elland Road Partners: