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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

F/T - Research Opportunity - Article One Partners (NY)

Research Opportunity

Article One Partners (AOP) is the world's largest online patent and technical literature research community. We have a diverse community of students, professionals, librarians, and other individuals who are generally interested in research and technology. Each student's unique background and experience will allow him or her to be a vital member of the Article One community.

We encourage anyone who has an interest in technical literature research to join our community. Technical literature research involves searching for and analyzing documents that provide information related to a particular subject area, technology, product, etc. Technical literature includes everything from issued patents to white papers to product manuals and can come from all parts of the world. This opportunity is a perfect fit for:

• Those looking to leverage their education and/or work experience to earn additional money;
• Those interested in putting their technical or research skills to use on their own schedule;
• Those with a high level of intellectual curiosity and a desire to solve technical challenges;
• Those who want to add to their research experience and build their resume in this area

Job Tasks and Responsibilities

Searching for and analysing documents that provide information related to a particular subject area, technology, product, etc.
• Reading and understanding patents
Use industry / market knowledge, literature databases, web searching capabilities, and/or technical experience to help uncover literature that is related to a specific Study
• Submitting references/ literature that are relevant to posted Studies

We will provide access to training which will help establish key researcher skills and get students started with this exciting opportunity.

Beneficial Skills

• Strong attention to detail
• Analytical mindset with excellent problem-solving skills
• Ability to prioritize and follow a detailed list of search requirements
• High level of initiative
• Receptive to feedback and guidance from study organizers
• Tenacious and determined; each student will be contributing alongside many talented researchers

What Now?

Please visit to obtain more information about our company and to register as a Researcher. Please enter referral code "library sciences" when signing up.